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Privacy Statement and register report

Updated 10.5.2021

We respect your privacy. This statement is compatible to EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as national legislation and this document is an information document for data subject. A separate pop-up window informs the use of cookies in detail. 


Santa Claus Reindeer Oy

Business Identity Code 2558983-5

Address: Körköntie 12, 97110 Rautiosaari



Point of contact

Essi Rätti
+358505671854 shop@santasreindeershop.com

Name of Register

Customer Register of Santa Claus Reindeer Ltd.

The Purpose and legal basis of the use of personal data

The purpose of the use of data saved in the customer register is the generation and continuation of customer relationship, to enable customer service and the contacting that customer service requires, to process the customer orders, to deliver the ordered products, and marketing. 

In accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679), the legal basis for the use of personal data is the consent of the registered, a contract or legitimate interest. 

Data content of Register

The Customer Register can include the following information of the registered person

* name

* email address

* telephone number

* addressing information

* language

* information of customer’s purchase transactions and order information

* name of the company 

Regular sources of information

Santa Claus Reindeer Ltd. adds personal data to register when a person becomes a customer. Personal data will be collected from the data subject themselves as they make an order, from the Paytrail payment service system, in connection with refunding and other possible forms related to orders, by telephone, by email, and in similar situations when data subject discloses their personal data. 

Regular disclosure of information

The personal data of the customer register will be used exclusively to manage customer relationships. 

Information can be disclosed to payment services providers, (and? ja?) logistic partners. Information can be disclosed in connection with the technical management of the online store, such as the management of server or online-store platform, in order to deliver orders, to collect unpaid invoices, or to disclose information when legally required by authorities. 

Personal data saved to the customer register can be disclosed to the controller managing the accounting. 

Our payment service system Paytrail Ltd. is a Finnish payment institution.

We have ensured that our service provider is committed to follow the data protection legislation. Please, find the Privacy Statement of PayTrail attached here. (Tähän linkki paytrailin tietosuojaselosteeseen.)

Protection of Register

The Register will not be presented to third parties. 

The right to access the register requires the right to access the server of Santa Claus Reindeer Ltd.

The register will not be stored as a hard copy. The information system and files of the keeper of the register are protected by common technical security methods used in regular business and commercial enterprise. The keeper of the Register will inform of the data security violations according to applicable legislation. 

Storage period 

Personal data will be stored mainly as long as customer relationship continues and necessary time after the end of it. 

Personal data will be regardless stored as long as it is necessary for the purpose of use of the personal data. Therefore, the time period the data will be stored may vary depending on the purpose of use of the data. 

Personal data based on customer or contractual relationship will be managed during the period of validity and for the necessary time period after the end of customer or contractual relationship. 

Personal data managed based on consent of the data subject will be stored until the data subject will cancel their consent or until the information will not be necessary for the purpose of use it has been collected for. 

Order, invoicing, and payment information included in accounting material will be stored in manner required by (the Finnish) Accounting law (1336/1997).

Rights of the data subject

Data subject has the right to inspect the data stored of them in the customer or news letter register and they have the right to insist the correction of incorrect or incomplete data. 

Requests of inspection or correction shall be submitted to Santa Claus Reindeer Ltd. to the address mentioned in this statement at point 2. 

The data subject has the right to insist the removal of false or outdated information. 

The data subject has also right to restrict and resist to the use of their personal data according to the articles 18 and 21 of EU’s privacy regulation. 

The data subject also has the right to cancel previously given consent to data processing, or to make a complaint to control officer about the matters of the processing of their personal data if the data subject considers that the keeper of the register has not followed applicable data protection regulation.